Shari’ah Advisory

We provide management advisory and business consultation services based on Islamic finance principles. These principles become the foundation of the customized financial solution we provide. Our strategic partnerships and alliances within the Islamic finance industry are from South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. These partnerships allows us to offer Advisory services for Islamic Financial Practices as well as implementations.

Our tailor made solutions are designed to suite our client needs and preferably have our local correspondent imbue the local culture into our service package. At best, we give you an international financial solution with a local flavour, so our clients’ quickly understand how to implement our solutions into their daily operations.

  • Islamic Financial Solutions – Product /Business Development
  • Islamic Legal Contract Drafting
  • Shari’ah Review and Audit
  • Shari’ah Stock Screening
  • Sukuk Structuring

Halal Centre of Excellence South Africa

Halal Centre of Excellence (HCOE) is one of the core business by Serunai. Its services include Halal Training, Halal Consultation & Coaching for all stakeholders of the Halal industry.

Halal Centre of Excellence South Africa (HCOE SA) is a joint initiative by I Consult & Serunai to promote the services stipulated herein. HCOE SA shall be administered by I Consult in the Republic of South Africa in line with mutual collaboration with Serunai to ensure Global Halal Standards are maintained.

Business as Usual

We translate conceptual business models into positive growth and management strategies with the objective of increasing market share and company revenue. Our management consulting services include:

Management consulting – advisory services to improve effectiveness of business strategy in and value generation by way of cash flows, profitability, governance, and human capital development;

Analytics – enable decision making within business to create value by improving operational effectiveness and efficiency;

Finance and Risk management – support for your finance department on challenging projects and helping to recognise, classify and evaluate risks to secure the future of your company;

Business Strategy Development execution – Our management team facilitate the development of business strategies and provide the necessary solutions for implementation;

Supply Chain Solutions – We offer business solutions for supply chain and business cycles by aligning strategic and operational decision making; 

Business and Group Restructures – we facilitate and manage the execution of Group Restructure though advisory and implementation.


We provide various training services inline with our Business and Shari’ah Advisory. Enquire about specific training

  • Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Islamic Commercial Law
  • Risk Management
  • Excel training
  • Capital budgeting
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Financial Management
  • Business Management
  • Budget and Resource Planning
  • Management Accounting
  • Bookeeping
  • Accounting
  • [Enquire about specific training]